What a crazy time to be alive. Never in my wildest dreams did I think we’d find ourselves in a pandemic, literally, the whole world shut down. In the beginning, many thought it was just a phase, a common cold that we would get through in a couple of weeks. Slowly weeks turned into months, now months into years. Have you heard that saying, “You don’t miss something until it’s gone?” I think this is a realization many of us have come to, with the reality of not being able to see family and friends during the pandemic. We’ve gained a better appreciation of time spent with family, and just how valuable that time is being able to show love for each other.

Family Matters | Family Portraits | Myzie Photography

This is why it was such an honor to capture photos for this lovely family. You could see the love they have for each other — parents being proud of their children, siblings being of love and support for one another. 

I love to use every photo experience as an opportunity to get to know my clients a little better. I’ll often ask questions about some of their favorite moments as a family, a crazy ‘dad joke’ that they love, or whatever comes to mind that will help bring out the dynamic they have as a family.

Family Matters | Family Portraits | Myzie Photography

When I tell you this family shared some amazing moments, I mean this wholeheartedly. They shared of their journey to Ghana, visiting family, and the sights that were seen while traveling. They shared their favorite ‘dad joke’ — or at least tried to — they were too busy laughing to get it all out. They shared their excitement about what’s to come: new jobs, upcoming school years, and all the wonderful things that life had to offer. 

The time spent with this family was a true reminder for me that family matters. Life, and everything that comes with it, is so much better when surrounded by people who are there to love and support you along the way. It won’t always be easy, but as long as you have family — through blood and new relationships gained along the way — there’s nothing that you can’t get through.

Family Matters | Family Portraits | Myzie Photography

It was also a reminder of just how special it is to capture these moments while we can. Life is not promised, so let’s cherish these precious moments with family and loved ones while we can. 



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