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L’amour de Soi…

L’amour de Soi — Self-Love — is a special photo experience that will help you grow in deeper relationship with yourself — rediscovering what makes you special, and celebrating all there is to love about you! As women, it can be easy to lose ourselves in what society says is beautiful or worthy of love. We forget that what makes us unique, where we find our spark and passions in life, is where our beauty lies.

“Such an intimate experience... ”

At first I was nervous for the L’amour de Soi Experience — having a love/hate relationship with my body, I wasn’t sure if I would feel comfortable taking pictures with someone I’ve never met. Maya made me feel so comfortable being in the studio. She had my favorite candy and sparkling cider and had a playlist of my favorite music. Maya helped me to feel confident and comfortable in my body, encouraging me every step of the way. Such an amazing experience.

– Megan R. –

"The Best Gift Ever!!!"

My husband surprised me with a L’amour de Soi session for my birthday. He knows I’ve been feeling a little insecure after the birth of our son. This session has allowed me to embrace who I am now, as a mother, while allowing me to still remember who I am simply as ‘me’. 

– SARAH K. –


We all have a story to tell — it’s time to own it…

Self-love is one of those puzzles that is never completely solved. Instead, we learn to love the process of discovering the beauty in each piece that makes us uniquely who we are. As a shy, plus-sized, and insecure girl, I had to learn to appreciate my body, not seeing my ‘flaws’ as something to frown upon but to celebrate. Each stretch mark, each curve, each scar tells a story — only I get to decide what the story means.

We all have a story to tell. You have a story to tell. Everything that you have experienced in life, the lives you have touched, the challenges you have faced, are puzzle pieces to your story. You have so much beauty, and so much to offer. Sometimes we forget that what makes us unique, and where we find our spark in life, is where our beauty lies. It’s time to show yourself some appreciation this Valentine’s Day, and all year long! I hope this experience — L’amour de soi — will help you in the journey of discovering who you are, and all that makes you beautiful from the inside out…


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